June 1, 2018

How do you call yourself independent when you can’t even cook for yourself. What if you are caught up in a situation when there is no one around, and suddenly the urge to devour the home cooked butter chicken is too high; will you bottle up your desire and sleep dreaming about the mouth watering dish?

Learning to cook is not only about passion, it’s about necessity.

Back in the days I hated cooking, I couldn’t tell the difference between the spices, to me cooking was an ordeal which was not only boring but also time consuming…

Nonetheless, over the time I have realized its importance and value. I am a beginner, open to learning anything under the sun. Sometimes the dishes don’t turn out to be the way I had predicted, sometimes the ingredients are not perfect, sometimes I under cook or over cook. It hurts a little, but in the process I am learning, and that in itself is an achievement for me, more so because I thought I wouldn’t need it, I would hire someone to cook for my family, or that ordering food from the restaurants is not a big deal any more, but I don’t remember exactly when but somehow I developed a fondness towards this art. And like any other art, cooking too desires, your soul and heart. The satisfaction you get when you see the end result is phenomenal, it’s like putting the puzzle pieces together, or blending different colors to create magic.

My mother learnt from her mother, and sometimes I learn from my mother and sisters, but mostly online recipes come handy. I plan to touch the traditional Indian dishes only after I have mastered the easy culture neutral dishes.

I am happy that my initial inhibitions are slowly fading, kitchen no longer appears to be a grim place, where ladies sweat it out to prepare food day in and day out for the family that seldom appreciates. I have realized that it’s not the verbal appreciation, but the visible satisfaction spread on the faces that matter.

And to all those who think women belong in the kitchen, you are partly right, only that every human belongs in the kitchen.

Cooking for one’s family should never be made a subject of mockery.

It’s okay if it’s not possible for you to cook everyday, but once in a while do put on your apron and start working in your kitchen.

  • Lovely June 3, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    I love this so freaking much ????