The Fragrance of Sunshine (debut book)

The Fragrance Of Sunshine (Debut Book)

July 14, 2018

“The Fragrance of Sunshine” is a collection of poems, quotes and prose. The book is divided into five chapters and each chapter deals with a new subject covering a different shade of life; such as identity, love, tragedy etc. The musings bloom with the scent of hope to obliterate the odour of despondence.

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Chapter Wise Synopsis

The first chapter of the book, “SHINING” deals with identity issues and aims to show a way to those who are embroiled in self-doubt, insecurities and complexes; people with herd mentality who are so used to following others that they cannot even imagine themselves in the shoes of a leader. This chapter encourages the readers to carve out an identity of their own and shine like the sun that instead of depending on the external light builds its own.

Chapter 2, “BLUSHING” is divided into two parts, ‘love’ and ‘beauty’. The objective of the first part is to study and understand the concept of love by dissolving and becoming one with love; to blend all the definitions to come up with the most colourful definition, to find love in the most unusual spots, to rub the surface where hate sits to uncover the ocean of compassion within.

The second part talks about the subjective concept of ‘beauty’. The author seeks to shatter the societal standards favouring a certain complexion, size and shape. The aim is to let the young minds know that beauty is only skin deep. It’s not about the colour of your skin and not even about the facial features or the way your body has been modelled. It’s about the sublimity of your soul, the sweetness of your speech, and the sparkle in your eyes.

However, the author doesn’t believe in being scornful towards those who have a different definition of beauty from hers. People can have conflicting point of views. And as long as they do not crush or look down upon another human being they can go about propagating and following the definition that’s closest to their hearts.

“WITHERING”, the third chapter of the book presents the harsh realities of the world, the despondent words describe the wounds as they are; undressed and throbbing. This chapter is bound to leave a bitter taste in your mouth and stir your hearts. The underlying theme of the book is hope, and this chapter is much in line with the theme. Hope is not about covering up the wrongs of the society, but to stay positive in the face of adversity. To believe that a day will come when the oppressions will end, smiles will bloom and the fragrance of sunshine will spread again.

“GROWING ” is the fourth chapter of the book, it’s about hope, strength and peace. Each one of these are interdependent. If you are mentally strong, you will end up discovering hope even in the most hopeless situations, and once you attain hope, peace will automatically make way to your heart. The main highlight of the chapter are its proses that appear towards the end.

“LIVING” is the final chapter of the book. It’s an amalgamation of all the chapters. A quick revision, with the main focus on what life actually is, and not what we think it is.

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  • aariz murtaza kamal August 18, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    inspiring and motivating….‘In a world of much suffering, this book is a gift of wisdom and practical help,’ .